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    July 10, 2012

    You might possibly remember that this site used to be hosted by Dreamhost. I’m still a customer at Dreamhost, and they host most of my dozens of websites (including the mothership, xiann.com). Unfortunately, Dreamhost doesn’t seem to have a service that is reliable enough for sticky comics, which gets big hits fairly often and generally has advertisers that rely on constant uptime. Despite the fact that I switched to Dreamhost’s VPS (Virtual Private Server) service, which is supposed to offer dedicated resources, I still couldn’t keep the sticky comics site up all the time on Dreamhost.

    That said, I’m still something of a fan of Dreamhost. Their main strength is probably also their weakness: unlimited offerings. On a Dreamhost account, you can have unlimited websites and email addresses using unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth. With so many customers enjoying unlimited service on popular sites likeĀ Cheekybingo, it’s no wonder their system resources are hard-pressed to meet demand. But I’m still impressed by what Dreamhost does offer for a relatively small monthly fee.

    Instead of using Dreamhost VPS for sticky comics, I moved to Media Temple in December 2011. Media Temple’s VPS service (which they call dv Dedicated Virtual) is almost twice as expensive per MB of RAM per month, and it doesn’t offer unlimited storage or bandwidth. I managed to mitigate the cost a bit by getting a coupon from RetailMeNot for 20% off my hosting plan forever (awesome coupon), so although my sticky comics web hosting bill is a lot higher than it used to be, the site is way more stable and I’ve had almost zero downtime.

    So yeah, I don’t want to knock Dreamhost — their all-you-can-eat hosting is a pretty great deal. But now that I’ve been with Media Temple for more than six months, I’m glad I moved.

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