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    All the World’s a Stage

    They say all the world's a stage, but who would pay to see this?

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    1. cha cha says:

      I think it’s a dress rehearsal… lol

    2. eric says:

      Thanks for reminding me how pathetic my life is :)

    3. Busalonium says:

      Damn it Shakespeare.

    4. Sarah says:

      Hey Christiann!

      I saw you at SPX 2009. You bought a Spinks! mini-comic and left me a cute little flyer for your site.

      I thought I’d swing in and check it out… it’s been over an hour and i’ve devoured your archive. OM NOM NOM. It was delicious! Thank you for the recommendation, I’m going to add you to my bookmarks.

      Hope you enjoyed your comic and the con in general!


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