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    SPX 2014 in DC! September 13-14


    The Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland (almost DC) is this coming weekend, September 13-14! This is one of my most favorite comics-related events, where you can find a mindblowing bunch of indie comics, zines, and amazing creative types everywhere.

    I’ll be appearing all day Saturday and Sunday at table A13! (Actually, table A13b, where “b” means half of table A13.) Please stop by and see me! I’ll be giving away free postcards with my art on them and selling t-shirts, tote bags, comics prints, and other stuff. Please come by and say hi :) Here’s a handy map:


    See you at SPX!

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    Cosmo page!

    Hi sticky friends! I have good news — I don’t have to link to every single one of my Cosmo comics from this site now that Cosmopolitan.com has redesigned their site to allow their authors to each have their own page.

    So check out my Cosmopolitan.com page! My new Cosmopolitan.com comics will continue to post every Thursday morning on their site. (Unfortunately, since the Cosmo redesign, some of my comics show up too small and can’t be “blown up”. Hopefully they will fix this in the coming weeks.)

    And I will continue to post my Cosmo comics on stickycomics.com a few months after they appear on the Cosmo site. Non-Cosmo stuff is also coming back soon, so please keep watching this space! :)

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    Cosmo Comics for April

    Hi guys! Here are some more links to my regular Thursday morning Cosmopolitan.com comics.

    After a little while I will repost these comics on stickycomics.com too!

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    More Cosmopolitan.com comics links

    Hi buddies! This is a post for me to provide links to my most recent Cosmopolitan.com comics, which are appearing weekly on Thursdays! I will find a way to post them to my website more often, but in the meanwhile, I always tweet them so maybe follow me on twitter for updates! :)

    By the way, you may be interested to know I don’t write the headlines for my Cosmo comics — they’re always a surprise when I see them :D

    More comics coming soon!

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    Cosmopolitan.com Thursday Mornings!

    Hi buddies! Some of you have been asking where they can read my original Cosmopolitan.com comics. For starters, original new comics by me will now appear every Thursday morning at 10AM EST! Yay!

    And if you missed a couple and want to catch up, here are links to the new comics that have already appeared on Cosmo for your perusal:

    I will also be re-running some of these here on stickycomics.com after a while! And thanks everyone who asked to see these — I hope you’re enjoying my Cosmo comics, and I promise I’ll post more non-Cosmo comics here after a while too! :)

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    Here’s another new comic by me on Cosmopolitan.com about how the grass is always greener on the other side of the relationship status :)

    I put a photo of the pencil drawing on my instagram last week:



    Comic is on Cosmopolitan.com here.

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    Here’s a new comic I made for Cosmopolitan.com: Your Ex-Boyfriend is a Muppet, or as I originally titled the artwork:


    I had a lot of fun writing and drawing it, although I’m still learning how to draw muppets. Some of my previous attempts at Muppet drawing are a little embarassing, but here’s my favorite, drawn on a sticky note back in 2009:

    cookies are a fickle mistress

    Visit the Cosmo site to see the new comic if you want :)

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    Cartooning for Cosmopolitan.com

    Hi guys! I hadn’t gotten a chance to say anything about this until today, but my comics are now appearing on Cosmopolitan.com weekly, and soon they will begin running brand-new comics I created just for them. I think having a weekly deadline is going to be good for me :)

    Here’s a very nice little write-up on ComicsDC about my new gig by estimable DC area comic artist Matt Dembicki.

    Update: I will find a better way to link to these soon! Cosmo ran the first original comic I made for them on Thursday :)

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    Comics Making Studio at Artisphere (DC)

    DC Conspiracy art show at Artisphere

    I’m participating in a DC Conspiracy art show and open studio that starts today! Check out awesome comics artists from the DC and Baltimore areas creating art live in the open studio, or just look at some great work from our local free comics newspaper, Magic Bullet, on the wall.

    The dates when you can find me there to say hello are: Saturday September 21, 6-8pm (artists meet and greet!) or October 11 and 12 (open artists studio!). These events are taking place at Artisphere in Rosslyn, VA, just over the bridge from Georgetown. Hope to see you there!

    UPDATE: My open artist studio hours changed slightly because of another venue booking, now they are October 11 from 6-8pm and October 12 from 1-4pm. See you there :)

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    Jane Austen t-shirt: Sense and Sensational!

    Hi guys! Here’s a blog post dedicated to my newest t-shirt design: Jane Austen, Sense and Sensational! We have these printed now and they look awesome! The inspiration for this design comes a mix of Jane Austen love and a classic Audrey Hepburn pose. The pink ones are a little brighter pink than they look in this picture, but they’re not overly pink. Go order one on the TenEastRead online store or our TenEastRead Etsy shop. They’re just $20!

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    MystiCon this weekend, Feb 22-24!

    I’m an artist guest at MystiCon, a sci-fi convention in Roanoke, VA, this weekend! You can find some of my art in the gallery there, and I’ll be speaking on three panels:

    • Will Comic Strips Survive? (Friday 4pm, Ballroom E)
    • Webcomic Basics (Saturday 11am, Boardroom 1)
    • Artists Roundable (Saturday 10pm, Room 533)

    I’ll also be generally chilling and having a good time. Please come see me and say hello! Look forward to seeing some of you at MystiCon! :)

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    hourly comics 2013

    I made hourly comics for Hourly Comics Day yesterday! This is when you draw a journal comic every hour during the day. I almost made it but then I had too much fun to keep up the entire night. Oh well! Here are 12 hours of my life …

    read more >

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    Intervention this weekend! Sept 21-23!

    Intervention: Your Online Life In Person - Rockville, MD

    Hey buddies! I’ll be at Intervention this Saturday and Sunday! I’m going to be attending events, participating in a panel or two, and hanging in the Artists Alley selling sticky comics swag.

    Intervention is a pretty rad way to spend a weekend (if you like 24-hour-a-day nerd parties!). There will be video games (and other gaming), panels on blogging and webcomics, film screenings, and other cool stuff! I hope some of you can make it! :)

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    SPX is this weekend! Sept 15-16

    I’m not quite ready for Small Press Expo (SPX) in Bethesda, MD (DC area), but it’s happening this weekend anyway, and I will be there :) SPX can be mindblowingly awesome, so if you’re in the area and love indie comics, you should come out. I’m exhibiting at table W23B selling sticky comics stuff and giving away the 2012 edition of my sticky comics postcard. I really hope to see some of you there. Can’t wait!

    Small Press Expo (SPX) in the DC area

    Visit spxpo.com for more info. See you soon!

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    ConnectiCon this weekend, July 13-15!

    Guess where I’m spending my weekend? ConnectiCon 2012! Please come see me on Saturday or Sunday in the Online Media Guest Hall. I will probably also be on a webcomics panel, so I’ll tweet about that when I know more :)

    connecticon 2012

    ConnectiCon is a huge multi-genre convention with lots of comics, anime, gaming, and other awesome stuff in downtown Hartford, Connecticut. It is a big party. I hope to see you there!

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    I’m sad to say that Artomatic, Washington DC’s massive art show, is over. My exhibit there went over really well and I met a lot of great people and gained some new fans around my hometown. Here’s me at my exhibit right after finally setting it up.

    (That look is relief. Getting the exhibit set up was life-consuming for a few days there.)

    I have some pieces remaining that I didn’t sell, and it would be totally excellent if you wanted to buy them! You can order them on my etsy page (which I share with my happy screenprinting collective, Ten East Read). Here are the remaining pieces!

    Being Creative Framed Print  Lighter Malfunction Framed Print  F Scott Fitzgerald Quote Framed Print Walkin on Sunshine Framed PrintGoldfish vs. Goldfish Framed Print

    These are all limited edition prints. If you order one, I will include a thank you note with a silly handmade drawing based on whatever you buy. Here are two recent thank you note drawings.

    I also had a few requests for a coffee phoenix sketchbook print, because I had this sketchbook spread on display. If you want one, you can order it from Society6. (And I made a version with only the colored drawing, no sketch page.)

    I don’t fulfill society6 orders myself, so I can’t include a special thank you note in those orders, sorry :(

    Anyway, big thanks to everyone who came to see my work at Artomatic! I’m seriously looking forward to the next Artomatic … but it probably won’t happen until 2014! I guess I will be ready again by then :)

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    Artomatic! May 18 to June 23

    artomatic Hi guys! I have a display my comics showing at Artomatic, a massive art event in the DC area. The opening is tonight, Friday, May 18, at 6PM. If you’re near DC, come check it out! You have a whole month to come see the show, and admission is free!

    Artomatic is in an old government office building that will be demolished after the event. The building will be hopping until late Weds-Sun through June 23. There will be live entertainment, workshops, beer and wine, and eleven floors of art on display from by than a thousand artists. This formerly annual event is on again for the first time since 2009.

    Here’s my page in the Artomatic directory. Also, the framed prints in my display are for sale, and you can buy them on this page.

    See you at Artomatic! :)

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    Upcoming comic festivals in Ohio & NYC!

    Hi guys! I’m getting ready for two comics festivals the last two weekends in April …

    First I’ll be at SPACE (Columbus, Ohio) this weekend, April 21 and 22. This will be my first time at SPACE. I’ve heard really good things about this show I’m really looking forward to it! Please come find me at table 55 (here’s a map!).

    Then I’ll be at MoCCA Festival (New York City) the following weekend on April 28 and April 29. It will be my third time at MoCCA Fest and I’m totally psyched! You can come find me at table J15 (map!), which is roughly where I was in the exhibitor room last year if that helps.

    At my table, I’ll be giving out free sticky comics postcards (that you can actually post by mail) and selling my usual swag: T-shirts, tote bags, prints, and other sticky comics stuff. Please come by and say hi!

    SPACE Comics Festival Columbus Ohio

    MoCCA Festival New York City

    Besides these, I actually have more upcoming events posted on this page. See you soon! :)

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    Hi guys! It’s amazingly February already so I put some Valentine’s Day stuff up for sale on etsy!

     risky endeavor framed drawing on etsy valentine's day cards for sale on etsy robot love t-shirt for sale on etsy  i want to f scott fitzgerald t-shirt for sale on etsy

    First off, I had framed an original drawing of mine for an art show a while back. The drawing, Risky Endeavor, was on stickycomics.com in 2010. I wasn’t sure what to do with it so it’s been hanging out at my apartment. Now you can buy it for Valentine’s Day!

    Secondly, I created some Valentine’s Day cards in 2010 and recently discovered some left over. Please buy them! You can get a 3-pack on etsy for just $6.

    Thirdly, what’s more romantic than robots in love? NOTHING. Why not buy a robot love t-shirt (or baby onesie) designed by my fellow Ten East Read screenprinting collaborator, Eric Lerch?

    Fourthly (and lastly), is F. Scott Fitzgerald your Valentine? You may be in need of an I Want To F Scott Fitzgerald t-shirt, conceived by t-shirt collaborator (and twin sister) Sheridan MacAuley.

    To sum up, please buy some stuff from the Ten East Read etsy shop that I create and share with a few close friends :) And have an awesome V-Day! (It’s February 14!)

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    Thanxgiving sale on t-shirts and accessories

    Hi everyone! You might remember that I screenprint my own sticky comics t-shirts along with a few other artists and we have our own online store called Ten East Read. We’re getting ready for the holiday season (when more people buy silly things like F. Scott Fitzgerald t-shirts) and decided to have our very first Thanxgiving sale!

    So if you want to buy one (or several) of our rather awesome t-shirts, tote bags, baby onesies, and other stuff, go shop at our store now. Just enter the coupon code THANX11 at the checkout for 25% off on all our t-shirts, apparel, and accessories until November 30.

    And whether or not you’re a part of our crazy American gorge-yourself-on-mashed-potatoes Thanksgiving tradition, have an awesome holiday — or regular — week :)

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    The new Seven Deadly Keys t-shirt

    Seven Deadly Keys Tee

    Big thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the Seven Deadly Keys T-shirt! We shipped the last of the pre-orders last week. We’ll continue make this shirt for at least the rest of 2012 so you can still order it!

    Stay tuned for a couple more new Ten East Read t-shirt designs based on sticky comics before Christmas! What is Ten East Read, you may ask? It’s the tiny screen printing collective that I and a few other artists run out of my twin sister’s tiny den. We screenprint these t-shirts by hand and ship them with love. Please check out our online store or our etsy page — new orders make us happy :)

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    Intervention next weekend! Sept 16-18

    Hi buddies! I’m going to be at Intervention in Rockville, MD (near Washington, DC) next weekend (Sept 16-18). I’ll have a table there to sell t-shirts and stuff and will probably be on a panel or two. Intervention is a new convention (this is the second annual event) for internet culture: webcomics, bloggers, gaming, etc. There will be 24/7 events including film screenings, cosplay burlesque, Super Art Fight, and other awesomeness. I hope you can make it! Please come say hi if you’re there :)

    Internvention Con in Rockville, MD

    Details at InterventionCon.com! See you there!

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    Hi buddies! This has been a pretty crazy week for sticky comics. I guess some people really like my self-loathing Mac user comics. You know who you are. I was all over the internet and got fireballed for the first time evar, which means my site crashed, but for a cool reason.

    Guess what? I’m going to be in New England next weekend at ConnectiCon in Hartford, CT! I hope some of you can come see me. I guess I’ll be speaking on a panel or two, selling t-shirts, stickers, and other sticky comics stuff at a table in the Artists Alley, and helping raise some cash for needy children in the webcomics auction. Please come see me there. ConnectiCon is a crazy good time.

    ConnectiCon 2001

    Also, I was recently a guest on the super fun Geektress podcast with Brenda (Geektress host) and Luke Foster of the scifi/humor webcomic Moon Freight 3. I haven’t actually listened to it but if I remember correctly we talked about webcomics, Smallville, and many other things whilst I drank a cold beer. It was fun. Listen here!

    And in other news on the horizon, the DC area internet culture convention, Intervention, is coming up in September! I’ll be a guest there and hope you can make it! You can pre-register here for good times.

    See you soon!

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    MoCCA this weekend!

    I’ll be at MoCCA Cartoon & Comic Art Festival in NYC this weekend, April 9-10! Please come by my table J15 and say hello. I’m selling sticky comics merchandise (t-shirts, stickers, buttons) and giving away postcards and smiles. I even made you a map:

    MoCCA - sticky comics table location

    See you there!

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    New Kindle T-Shirt

    Hi everyone! You may know that I screenprint t-shirts and stuff along with a few buddies and sell them on our online store, TenEastRead.com. So here’s an update about our new shirt, based on my Kindle Collective comic. It’s for all you Borg-hating, book-reading, Kindle loving (or not) literary types. Go pre-order the shirt now to get it shipped by March 14.

    Also, I got a lot of web hits to last week’s Computer Update comic, so wow! If you’re a new reader I hope you dig the comics. Come hang out with me on twitter or facebook if you’d like. If you’re rich or moneyed, please consider donating money to support my cartooning habit or buying things in my store.

    I’ll be back with a one-panel cartoon this Wednesday. Catch you then :)

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    New tote bags and stuff

    Hi sticky pals! You might remember that I make my own screenprinted t-shirts and stuff with my buddies and we have an online store, Ten East Read. We added new tote bags a while ago and I forgot to post about it. So go get a nihilistic Happy As A Clam tote and an I Want To F. Scott Fitzgerald tote:

    happy as a clam tote bag f. scott fitzgerald tote bag

    We also made new t-shirts lately. I may not have posted about the Solstice is Wiccan Awesome or Mr. Peanut Was Steampunk (based on this comic) prints, and I forgot to tell you we put my jellyfish print on baby onesies. They’re so tiny! You’d have to be very small to wear one.

    Solstice Is Wiccan Awesome T-shirt sunset t=shirt
    jellyfish printed baby clothes (onesie)

    Anyway, go check out Ten East Read. You can also check out our etsy store or find our stuff at the Soundry boutique in Northern Virginia.

    online store online store

    Art Carnage 316 this Saturday night!

    Art Carnage 316DC area and Northern Virginia sticky pals, come see me at Art Carnage 316 this Saturday night! It’s at the Soundry, a rockin’ coffeehouse/gallery/art studio in Vienna, Virginia. Here’s more info:

    Meet Indie artists and crafters, see live art, music, dance, poetry, comedy, workshops, demos and more in four hours of frantic creative madness.

    I’ll be there with my screenprinting cohort, Ten East Read, meeting people and selling sticky comics t-shirts and prints plus other original hand-printed designs by my pals. Check out the Facebook invite and the Soundry’s website for more info.

    See you there! :)

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    Post New York Comic Con

    Hi guys! I finally recovered from the New York Comic Con. I think. That was a crazy time! There were like 100,000 people there and I feel like I met half of them. Thanks everyone who came out for making it awesome. I took some pictures and wrote a long winded livejournal post about the weekend that you can read for bonus points.

    Now it’s time to make more comics! I posted a new one about Nerd Sterotypes today. The next one is going to be terrible. Stay tuned!

    online store online store

    Hi sticky friends! I’m going to be exhibiting at the New York Comic Con this weekend! New York Comic Con is a ginormous mix of comics, anime, and pop culture awesomeness. Even Stan Lee is going to be there! Holy OMGs, right??? :)

    New York Comic Con

    I’ll be meeting cool people, telling folks about Sticky Comics, and selling t-shirts, prints, and other sticky comics merchandise. Please come find me at table 352 in the Small Press area and say hello! Here’s a map:

    Map to sticky comics at the NYCC

    (click to make it big)

    I’m sharing a table with the awesome folks at The First Law of Mad Science, an awesome new indie graphic novel series! They are being featured in the Comic Con show exclusives and you’re really going to have to come see Mike Isenberg’s famous tattoo. (So if you look me up in the program, I’ll be found under The First Law of Mad Science.) This weekend is gonna be a lot of fun!

    I’ll be at in the exhibitor space on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Here’s where you can buy advance tickets. See you there, buddies!

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    INTERVENTION! This weekend :D

    Hi buddies! I’m really psyched about INTERVENTION this Friday-Sunday in Rockville, MD. It has been organized by Onezumi and Harknell and those two know how to throw a party.

    Intervention Con - Washington DC this September 2010

    Please come see me at table 70, where I’m looking forward to saying hi! You can also buy prints and t-shirts from me there. I even made you a map of where I’ll be in the artists room.

    When I’m not in the artists room, I’ll be on three panels. I posted full info about the panels on my livejournal. Here’s the short version:

    • Friday, 6pm: Who’s Afraid of Traditional Media? How to Art Dangerously Without the “Undo” Button
    • Saturday, 1pm: Young Punks Kicking It: The New Kids on the Block
    • Sunday, 11am: How to Use Social Media without Inadvertently Seeming like a Jerk

    Go get more details on my livejournal or find out more on the event website. See you there!

    UPDATE: Oh yeah my twin sister will be there. We kinda look alike. Say hi to her too! :)

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    Intervention this September 10-12

    Hey sticky friends! Don’t forget I’ll be a guest at Intervention in Rockville, MD September 10-12.

    Webcomics, artists, bloggers, gaming, anime, dance parties, burlesque. 24 hours a day. Clearly this is the place to be. You might want to pre-register now.

    Intervention - awesome webcomics convention in Rockville, MD

    Have you registered yet? Good.

    Meanwhile …

    New York Comic Con

    I’m going to be appearing at the New York Comic Con in New York City this October 8-10. This is going to be huge and fun (although not the killer party expected at Intervention). Assuming I can wrap up in time I will even be putting out a real book there, which will be a collection of work from sticky comics, plus some new comics too! More news on that soon. So excited!

    online store online store

    Philly Alt Comic Con this Sunday!

    Hi sticky crew! Come check out the Philly Alt Comic Con this Sunday, August 8, 2010. I will be there with sticky comics stuff such as smiles and merchandise and would love to see you there!

    Click here for more info!

    online store online store

    Ten East Read - the Sticky Comics Store

    Hi sticky people! Have you seen the new and improved Ten East Read store? If not, check it out!

    Ten East Read is the “official” and exclusive online store featuring sticky comics merchandise that I designed (and mostly made by hand) based on my original cartoon art. All our t-shirts and other textiles were screenprinted by me and a couple other friends. Our items are all limited edition so if you want any of of it you may want to order soon …

    The latest sticky comics item we added is Steampunk Mr. Peanut t-shirt, but the Happy As A Clam t-shirt and Jellyfish stuff are still available too. I also have still have some sticky comics stickers based on cartoons from the site. So if any of that stuff sounds cool, go check it out.

    And in case you were wondering, buying stuff and telling your friends is a pretty good way to help support my site and keep it going. Thanks guys :)

    online store online store

    Good times at ConnectiCon 2010

    Hi sticky pals! I’m now more or less recovered from the very good time I had at ConnectiCon in Hartford, CT last weekend. The con is mostly focused on anime, cosplay, gaming, webcomics, and other crazy stuff, so there were a TON of people having a very good time, and often more than half the crowd was in costume. Some of my favorites were the steampunk outfits, zombies, and Silent Hill costumes, although almost everyone wearing anime ears was totally adorable. There were so many cool people there in general. Good vibes all around.

    I was a webcomics guest at the event and had a table in the artists colony. I was giving out free sticky comics postcards, which I ran out of early on Saturday, and selling sticky comics merchandise. We launched two new items last week before the con: The Steampunk Mr. Peanut t-shirt and the new Brass Goggles Neckerchief, both of which are kinda steampunky things that we designed and screeenprinted ourselves. I sold a lot of merchandise and am almost out of Jellyfish tees and tote bags now. It was badass meeting so many other people who love jellyfish. (Not being stung by jellyfish, just their mysterious jelly ways.)

    One of the best things about ConnectiCon is how much fun the webcomics people have there. I got to hang out (and drink beer in rather large quantities) with a lot of great webcomics people. Here is a list that took me many hours of sobriety to remember: read more >

    online store online store

    Hi sticky friends! In just two weeks I’m taking this crazy show on the road again to ConnectiCon in Hartford, CT. I’ll have a table in the Artist’s Colony and will be hanging out selling some handmade sticky comics merchandise and prints. I would love to see you there! Meeting people in real life is awesome, and since I’ve heard a lot of rad things about this convention, I’m basically expecting to have a three day party there.

    I also have scheduled appearances in August and September, so here’s a list of all three:

    • July 9-11, 2010: ConnectiCon, Hartford, CT. ConnectiCon is a fun convention for anime, gaming, comics, and other exciting things!
    • August 8, 2010: Philadelphia Alternative Comic Con (PACC), Philadelphia, PA. The Philly Alt Comic Con is going to feature alternative artists including webcomics, small press, and zine-sters. Great indie event. One day only.
    • September 10-12, 2010: Intervention, Rockville, MD. Intervention is an event centered on webcomic artists, which I’m hearing will be an all-day, all-night, 3-day party. I’ll be an exhibitor, panelist, and professional party person there.

    PS: I’ve heard that both ConnectiCon and Intervention may sell out, so if you can make it, go buy your tickets now! Really hope to see you there.

    online store online store


    Hey sticky friends! Looking at my website, I realize that I’m overdue on a few things. Among them, I was going to write a post-followup followup since the last MoCCA post in April. This was going to include links to some other awesome artists I saw at MoCCA. But then I suddenly and unexpected moved to a new apartment and my mojo was disrupted. I’m settled again now so let me give you a very belated list of just some of the cool MoCCA people you should check out. read more >

    online store online store


    Hi everyone! I want to post a quick update on how things went at MoCCA. It was my first time exhibiting at a comics/cartooning event and I had a blast! I met a lot of cool people and covered hundreds of them with sticky googly eyes. I would like to post a shout out to some of the awesome artists and other folks I met and will probably do it over the weekend. And if you’re really interested, check out these photos on my Facebook page :) read more >

    online store online store

    MoCCA in NYC this Saturday & Sunday

    Hi everyone! This weekend is the MoCCA Cartoon Art Festival in New York City. I’ll be at table E6! Stop by and say hi. I’d love to see you there! I’m giving away free stuff including some postcards and buttons. We also made some sticky comics merchandise for sale: tote bags, stickers, and t-shirts. (I’ll sell this stuff on my site soon too, I just need to get the store set up!)

    Update: Now you can order the t-shirts and tote bags on the Ten East Read website! Check them out :) read more >

    online store online store

    Intervention Con - Washington DC this September 2010

    I just learned that I’m an official guest at Intervention in Washington, DC this September! That means I will be participating in panels (yikes) and have a table there to meet people and sell sticky comics stuff. Here’s a little bit about the convention which I grabbed from their website.

    Your Online Life, In-Person

    How much of your day do you spend on the internet–looking at comics, watching videos, reading blogs, connecting with friends, tweeting, or just surfing?

    At Intervention you can meet, talk with, learn from, and party with the people you see online everyday.

    One part New Media
    One Part Gaming
    One Party Nerd Party

    You had me at Nerd Party! Intervention is gonna rock. Please come out and give artists like me who mainly publish and promote through the internet some cred. We don’t mind if you buy us some drinks either :)

    online store online store

    MoCCA Cartoon Art Festival in April

    Hi sticky friends! If you’ll be anywhere near New York City in April — or if you want to be — you should come see me at the MoCCA Cartoon Arts Festival, April 10-11. I’ll have a table there and would really like you to come say hi. I’m a little nervous about my first convention ever (as an exhibitor), so I’ll be happy to see you there!

    I’ll be selling some merchandise, including t-shirts, tote bags, prints, and other stuff. These things will also be for sale on my website by mid-March. I even learned how to screenprint myself, so they’ll mostly be handmade.

    More details on the Facebook invitation or at the MoCCA Festival website!

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    A Feast Of Snacks cover art

    Hi everyone! I recently made the cover art for an original musical, A Feast Of Snacks, by Michael Gordon Shapiro. I had a lot of fun with it! Check it out:

    read more >

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    Hourly Comics Day 2010

    It’s hourly comics day! I’m going to try to draw a comic based on every hour of my life today. Sorry they won’t be very good because I’m also working today, but here they are! And here’s a link to my hourly comics from last year.

    read more >

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    dangerous valentines

    Thanks to my sticky friends for their suggestions and encouragement, I created a set of three dangerous valentine’s day cards for the valentine’s day this year. (It’s February 14th.) Get some cards — for love and danger.

    So what about e-cards? You may have noticed that you can now send every cartoon on my website as a free e-card. So go explore the archives and send your friends some sticky goodness.

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    facebook pals for life


    Hi sticky friends! Today I made a new sticky comics facebook page … so check it out and join if you want? Hopefully I’ll update the page whenever I post a new comic, like I usually do on my sticky comics twitter feed and livejournal, so we can keep in touch. Here’s the facebook link.

    In other news, I traveled a lot in July, but I expect to post comics more often now that I’ll be home more. Hugs everybody!

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    Email Signup and the MoCCA Festival

    Hi everyone! I now have an easy way you can sign up to get an email every time I post to this website. Here’s the link to sign up on the Feedburner site: Subscribe to sticky comics emails

    I also wanted to say hello to all the awesome people I met at the MoCCA Art Festival in New York City this past weekend. I didn’t have a table there or anything (that would be terrifying) but I walked around and met a lot of nice cartoonists, including (in no particular order, not necessarily screened as SFW either):

    Wow, that took about fifteen minutes! If anyone sees this who should have been on this list, just let me know.

    It’s past my so-called bedtime. Good night!

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    The new sticky comics website

    Hi sticky friends! Sticky Comics finally has a new website. Which is awesome, because I the old one really sucked. But it’s even more awesome, because now I won’t be fussing with the website and I can just make comics instead. Yay!

    The new site has a new-ish FAQ page, some pretty fun archive pages, and a page about buying sticky comics stuff. Most importantly, the comics are a little better organized and hopefully you’ll be able to browse all the way through the archives without too much trouble now.

    I kinda like the design, which is made from scanned Sharpie doodles on construction paper, but thank bejeebus I will be able to change this design much more easily than on the old site. So let me know what you think. I’m sure I’ll be tweaking it some more.

    smiles & jabs,

    UPDATE: OK, I think everything’s working now! Yay!

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