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    another year

    I wish my clock would get stuck in July but I'd probably wind up in mid-August

    Happy new year! I should have posted this one a couple days ago but I had a hangover for my hangover and the time flew by. I’m back from my holiday break for reals now :)

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    1. Chip Camden says:

      Happy New Year, christiann!

    2. Jason Poland says:

      Haha! Fits my year perfectly. Have you renamed the months to match these moods?

      The French revolutionaries made their own insane calendar after deciding they should just start from scratch with everything. There’s all kinds of weird stuff in there:

      • christiann says:

        I can say without question that my good friend whose birthday is in February is TOTALLY sick of hearing me describe it as the worst month of the year :)

        I love the idea of renaming the months. The only one I’ve renamed for sure is “Slacktember”.

    3. mikemccaffrey says:


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