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  • home : Boobs and the things you can keep in them

    boobs and the things you can keep in them

    No boobs were harmed in the making of this sticky comic.

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    1. Ginger says:

      This is politically incorrect. You stash things in your bra, not your boobs.

    2. danineteen says:

      I stuff things in my cleavage? That’s almost the same as saying you stuff things in your boobs.

      I put my iPod in there once when I didn’t have anywhere to put it down, and it’s not on your list.

    3. sheribomb says:

      I concur. Stuffing things in cleavage = stuffing things in boobs. The worst is waking up with something still stuffed in there… ;)

    4. zanychacha says:

      Bras are just the things boobs are stuffed in. Un-PC? I think not!! (was I the inspiration for this? lol)

    5. Zoobla14 says:

      ENEMIES!?!?!??? Ok, lol :>

    6. Zoobla14 says:

      ugh… Maybe I took that too literally…. Nah!

    7. Loco B. says:

      Oh that says pens. My bad.

    8. Amanda says:

      Hilarious. I actually misplaced my phone once. I was at my office all mad that I had left my phone at home. Then someone texted me and my boobs vibrated… Yeah. It’s all fun and games until your boobs eat your gadgets.

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