Cartooning for

Hi guys! I hadn’t gotten a chance to say anything about this until today, but my comics are now appearing on weekly, and soon they will begin running brand-new comics I created just for them. I think having a weekly deadline is going to be good for me :)

Here’s a very nice little write-up on ComicsDC about my new gig by estimable DC area comic artist Matt Dembicki.

Update: I will find a better way to link to these soon! Cosmo ran the first original comic I made for them on Thursday :)

  • Great news!
    How can I follow them, without reading Cosmopolitan (not exactly my usual read)? Will you post links here (meaning I’ll be able to follow via your RSS feed), or via Twitter?
    Good luck, and have fun making them :)

    • Hey, thanks! Yes, I will start posting links on the website! Currently doing it on my twitter and facebook. and Thanks :D