65 comments to “Censorship: it just doesn’t feel as good”
  1. You’re saying condoms are bad?
    You’re saying lame excuses like that should be condoned?
    Shame on you, the pencil doesn’t need to be saying one of those stupid excuses guys that think condoms somehow make them less of a man, the image itself gives the message.

  2. Copy & Paste if Ashton Kutcher brought you here from Twitter!!

    “Hahaha… One Million followers…”

  3. Isn’t it on the wrong end though? I would think that the eraser represents censorship more than the other end.. Plus the eraser end is just so much more “fitting” image wise haha

  4. So what you’re saying is, “Censorship protects us from the STD-like symptoms that could be created by the irresponsible waving their ‘pencils’ around”.

    Hooray for censorship? ;)

  5. Copy & Paste if Ashton Kutcher brought you here from Twitter!!

    Censorship is to protect those without the discipline to protect themselves.

  6. i dont know what consorship os though but yeah it is better using condoms because if you don’t you can make your girlfriend pregnant…and i don’t think you want that now, depends omn how old you are and yeah the condom is on the wrooong end of the pencil because the pencil has a sharp point and it can make a hole in the condom and whats the use of using one at all??? :) stay in touch people

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