Come to the Intervention – September 2010

Intervention Con - Washington DC this September 2010

I just learned that I’m an official guest at Intervention in Washington, DC this September! That means I will be participating in panels (yikes) and have a table there to meet people and sell sticky comics stuff. Here’s a little bit about the convention which I grabbed from their website.

Your Online Life, In-Person

How much of your day do you spend on the internet–looking at comics, watching videos, reading blogs, connecting with friends, tweeting, or just surfing?

At Intervention you can meet, talk with, learn from, and party with the people you see online everyday.

One part New Media
One Part Gaming
One Party Nerd Party

You had me at Nerd Party! Intervention is gonna rock. Please come out and give artists like me who mainly publish and promote through the internet some cred. We don’t mind if you buy us some drinks either :)