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  • home : ConnectiCon and other upcoming appearances

    Hi sticky friends! In just two weeks I’m taking this crazy show on the road again to ConnectiCon in Hartford, CT. I’ll have a table in the Artist’s Colony and will be hanging out selling some handmade sticky comics merchandise and prints. I would love to see you there! Meeting people in real life is awesome, and since I’ve heard a lot of rad things about this convention, I’m basically expecting to have a three day party there.

    I also have scheduled appearances in August and September, so here’s a list of all three:

    • July 9-11, 2010: ConnectiCon, Hartford, CT. ConnectiCon is a fun convention for anime, gaming, comics, and other exciting things!
    • August 8, 2010: Philadelphia Alternative Comic Con (PACC), Philadelphia, PA. The Philly Alt Comic Con is going to feature alternative artists including webcomics, small press, and zine-sters. Great indie event. One day only.
    • September 10-12, 2010: Intervention, Rockville, MD. Intervention is an event centered on webcomic artists, which I’m hearing will be an all-day, all-night, 3-day party. I’ll be an exhibitor, panelist, and professional party person there.

    PS: I’ve heard that both ConnectiCon and Intervention may sell out, so if you can make it, go buy your tickets now! Really hope to see you there.

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