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    counting sheep

    I’ve tried counting sheep to fall asleep. It doesn’t work for me anymore, so I try to fall asleep imagining other things now — like what would happen if the USS Enterprise found Lord Voldemort in space? That one worked a few times.

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    1. zanychacha says:

      your subtext is funnier than the cartoon! (sorry, the toon is funny too.) :)

    2. Mac says:

      Brilliant and funny — on several levels.

    3. V says:

      I count cows.

    4. I Always like comics, especially if that comic is about I.T. :)
      And I just press button “I Like It” in my stumbleupon for your website.
      Keep up creativity… :)

    5. evy says:

      Ok now THAT is really funny…still laughing!

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