Even my angel is a lush. Well that explains a few things.

This is something I drew a while back. Sadly I haven’t actually had time to get drunk all week. So here’s exciting news on some things that have been keeping me busy: Firstly, I’m making some comics for BuzzFeed Shift! Check out the first one. Secondly, I am setting up a show of my comics at Artomatic, a massive art show in the DC area. The opening is next week! I need to finish setting up by Sunday. So more comics next week! Yay!

  • AP

    It’s good to see them agreeing on what’s important.

  • Congrats on BuzzFeed Shift!!! We will be checking out Artomatic. Our buddy, Melissa, is exhibiting there too.

    • Thanks, and cool! I’m going to definitely be there on opening night.