• Also, do the dishes so they are nice an clean when the silent battle rages out of control. Nothing will ruin your day like having to clean spaghetti off the wall as well as smashed and broken dishes of the floor. FYI you still just lost the argument

  • I live alone, and I’m still engaged in that silent battle.

  • qka

    Back in college, I shared a house with 4 other guys. Needless to say, dishes didn’t get washed too often. Wanting to be a good guy, and at the same time being pissed off by others’ laziness, I came up with what I called “Supply Side Dishwashing”. (This was when Reagan was president, and a play on “supply side economics”, his big thing. Google it if you don’t know what that was.)

    I would go through the kitchen cabinets and find out what was still there that was clean – plates, bowls, glasses, silverware, etc. The couple items that we still had available, I would wash all the dirties of them, and put away when dry. Under no circumstances would I wash whatever we were out of, except for my own use, as needed.

    This system allowed me to feel virtuous about cleaning the kitchen while at the same being an attempt to encourage the other guys to clean up after themselves. Sometimes it even worked.