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    Why donate? Well, this website is created by a solo artist/creator (that’s me, Christiann MacAuley) and published on the internet for free. Although there are a few ads here and I sell some t-shirts, I’m not exactly rolling in cash. I spend a lot of time and effort creating these comics, and if you me a little money, it will help me keep the site going — not to mention a roof over my head and a drink pencil in my hand.

    Please use this button to send me a donation.

    Or mail me (Christiann MacAuley) at PO Box 4397, Arlington VA, 22204 US.

    Some suggested donation amounts for people reposting my comics online:

    • My comic on your personal website: $5-20 *
    • Several of my comics on your personal website: $10-50 **
    • My comic on your high-traffic or business website: $15-50
    • My comic in your academic presentation: $5-$15 ***
    • My comic in a business presentation for less than 100 people: $15-35 ***
    If you’re donating just because you’re awesome, just send whatever you can :) If you include your address, I’ll send a thank you card with a silly doodle inside and perhaps other surprises.

    Thank you! You rock.

    * Please note that I typically charge for actual reprints, but since this is a webcomic, people blog my content for free. The suggested donations above apply to the latter — bloggers and websites.

    ** Also note that if you’re featuring several of my comics on your site, that’s OK. But please don’t feature dozens of my comics — or all of them — without asking my permission, OK? 

    *** Please contact me for permission for 100+ audience members.

    … if you read all the way down to the bottom of this page, thanks again for being here!

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