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  1. So one of the last stories I wrote as a sports reporter was about a cross-country bicycle race. They started somewhere in southern California and finished in Annapolis. Crazy race.
    Well, the year before, they had a problem with one of the teams. It was a two-man team taking turns racing on fixies. They gave the team a head start, because the goal was to get all the racers to finish roughly around the same time (and because they had checkpoints only open for certain amounts of time). Well, this team freaking BOOKED it over the Rockies, and never actually lost the lead they were given. So they had to wait at the penalty station until the final checkpoint got set up.

  2. Yep! A Penny Farthing has a fixed gear. There have been experiments to do other things with them but the “safety bicycle” is better than those incremental improvements were.

    … except that Penny Farthings are a uniquely awesome way to die.

  3. Fixie meaning fixed gear would not be correct as there is no gear in a traditional penny farthing or tricycle or hula hoop. You could call them all single speeds, or call them awesome, just call them often.

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