Hourly Comics Day 2010

It’s hourly comics day! I’m going to try to draw a comic based on every hour of my life today. Sorry they won’t be very good because I’m also working today, but here they are! And here’s a link to my hourly comics from last year.

Here’s a pic of the t-shirt! I guess I will sell these on this website soon.

That’s it for my hourly comics today! Hope you enjoyed them a little.

Check out my hourlies from last year too if you want more for some reason. Good night!

  • I love these! Can’t wait for more. So glad you’re reading the Wilde. :)

  • zanychacha

    Weirdness – I was listening to the part of American Gods today where they said “Have you seen me?” several times. You have a con-nex-shun! I love your comics!