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  • home : If pigs could fly

    If pigs could fly

    if pigs could fly, my car would be filthy

    I drew this on some hemp paper I picked up at Capitol Hemp a few weeks ago. The guy who worked there said the US Constitution is printed on hemp, so if it’s good enough for George Washington, it’s certainly good enough for this poop illustration.

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    1. Busalonium says:

      Brilliant, I thought you were going for a swine flu joke, but this was so much better.

    2. bree says:

      OMG! I love your humor!

      I was talking about your comic before I even got to check it out (from the flyer).

      Sorry I didn’t get to the shoutouts yet; I got a plague from MoCCA and have spent most of the past week sleeping and complaining hahaha.

      But yes, your comic is quite possibly my new favorite. Have you heard of fuffer nutter? She has a similar sense of humor, and I think you would totally love it! http://www.fuffernutter.com/ I will send her an email about your comic, too!

    3. Zoobla14 says:

      The paper really worked out nicely :)

    4. Dan W says:

      Nice! Sadly, the Constitution was written on parchment, not hemp, although some of the original drafts may have been on hemp.

    5. Greta L says:

      Maybe then they’ll find a faster way to make bacon! My dream come true :)

      Love the comic :D

    6. EdCasey143 says:

      While I thoroughly enjoy the comic, the nerd in me feels compelled to point out that George Washington had absolutely nothing to do with the drafting nor with the adoption of the Constitution. If its composition is to be accredited to a single man, that man must be Governeur (that’s his firt name) Morris, but even he was not the one who actually wrote it down. That was done by an assistant clerk of the PA State Assembly named Jacob Shallus, merely because he was a peon whose office happened to be in the same building the bigwigs were already in.



    7. Cake4Glados says:

      Don’t get me started on how dirty your car is when elephants fly.
      (lol dumbo reference.)

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