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  • home : Intervention next weekend! Sept 16-18

    Hi buddies! I’m going to be at Intervention in Rockville, MD (near Washington, DC) next weekend (Sept 16-18). I’ll have a table there to sell t-shirts and stuff and will probably be on a panel or two. Intervention is a new convention (this is the second annual event) for internet culture: webcomics, bloggers, gaming, etc. There will be 24/7 events including film screenings, cosplay burlesque, Super Art Fight, and other awesomeness. I hope you can make it! Please come say hi if you’re there :)

    Internvention Con in Rockville, MD

    Details at InterventionCon.com! See you there!

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    1. rishi says:

      This looks awesome! When will you be coming to San Francisco?

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