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  • home : INTERVENTION! This weekend :D

    INTERVENTION! This weekend :D

    Hi buddies! I’m really psyched about INTERVENTION this Friday-Sunday in Rockville, MD. It has been organized by Onezumi and Harknell and those two know how to throw a party.

    Intervention Con - Washington DC this September 2010

    Please come see me at table 70, where I’m looking forward to saying hi! You can also buy prints and t-shirts from me there. I even made you a map of where I’ll be in the artists room.

    When I’m not in the artists room, I’ll be on three panels. I posted full info about the panels on my livejournal. Here’s the short version:

    • Friday, 6pm: Who’s Afraid of Traditional Media? How to Art Dangerously Without the “Undo” Button
    • Saturday, 1pm: Young Punks Kicking It: The New Kids on the Block
    • Sunday, 11am: How to Use Social Media without Inadvertently Seeming like a Jerk

    Go get more details on my livejournal or find out more on the event website. See you there!

    UPDATE: Oh yeah my twin sister will be there. We kinda look alike. Say hi to her too! :)

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    1. Hey, table buddy. You get a whole weekend of looking forward to sitting next to me.

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