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  • home : Intervention this September 10-12

    Intervention this September 10-12

    Hey sticky friends! Don’t forget I’ll be a guest at Intervention in Rockville, MD September 10-12.

    Webcomics, artists, bloggers, gaming, anime, dance parties, burlesque. 24 hours a day. Clearly this is the place to be. You might want to pre-register now.

    Intervention - awesome webcomics convention in Rockville, MD

    Have you registered yet? Good.

    Meanwhile …

    New York Comic Con

    I’m going to be appearing at the New York Comic Con in New York City this October 8-10. This is going to be huge and fun (although not the killer party expected at Intervention). Assuming I can wrap up in time I will even be putting out a real book there, which will be a collection of work from sticky comics, plus some new comics too! More news on that soon. So excited!

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    1. BradyDale says:

      Hey, that’s the same weekend as SPX, which is sorta good and sorta bad… tho I just want to go to SPX for Kate Beaton and Dean Haspiel. Do you think this is a better gathering for an aspiring web-comics artist to hob nob at?

      • christiann says:

        Yeah, I know — I love SPX too! The two cons happening the same weekend is an unfortunate mistake — SPX is doing a different weekend from usual apparently.

        You might consider one day of SPX and 1-2 days of Intervention if you want to do both. The two are really close — SPX is in Bethesda and Intervention is in Rockville.

        Anyway, this is the first year of Intervention and I think it’s a great concept and am really happy I’ll be there. There’s a ton of energy and a lot of momentum building behind it that will make it really special. As far as webcomics hob-nobbing, Intervention is all about webcomics while SPX is a bit more zine and indie comics focused, plus Intervention is a lot more party-oriented … :)

        Anyway, I hope you can make it! :)

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