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    jellyfish and friends

    jellyfish and friends ... including peanut butter fish and bread shark

    Hey, I made a t-shirt based on my jellyfish! I love them so much.

    jellyfish t-shirt

    Check it out, and buy it from my online store if you want!

    Also here’s a photo of the first draft of this comic … in chalk.

    online store online store


    1. Zach says:

      that makes me wish i had a sandwich right now

    2. Juke says:

      Now where’s that darn banana?

    3. K says:

      The banana is hanging out in a hammock. I saw it on a stickynote, so it must be true.

    4. Surturs Bane says:

      Oh, god. The pun hurts so bad.

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