More things our grandkids will never understand


Sequel to “things our grandkids will never understand”.

UPDATE: Lots of controversy over pluralizing with an apostrophe here. I will delete any hater comments, so don’t bother leaving them. So let’s talk about something else. How about outmoded technology? :)

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28 comments to “More things our grandkids will never understand”
  1. Dude, it’s on the first one under “VCRs”
    Of course, DVDs will soon fall under that realm…hell, I grew up with Beta tapes…….
    Seriously, i’m only 22….

  2. I would argue that since the captions are in all caps (e.g. “‘CORDLESS’ PHONES”), the apostrophe is necessary to distinguish that the text means CDs and not CDS. Most grammarians will agree that an apostrophe can be used to clarify a plural (see related examples here)

  3. I think by dotting the i’s in the comic…most of the people commenting on this should stab themselves in the EYES with their nerd pencils.

  4. seriously what is wrong with people? Why must every person be a grammar and spelling nazi over the smallest typos and crap. Like really no one cares about your pretentious crap. Why don’t you go to Starbucks and sit there drinking your crappy latte on your mac. No one cares

  5. Rotary Dialed phones. Even if there is a persistence in the language.
    Cranks on car windows??
    Old operating systems of the past: Dos,
    Win 3.11, Amiga, etc. (maybe add windows Vista to this list??)
    Floppy disks.
    If you are mentioning your grandkids, then oil based products/services might be on that list, if not plant oil based.
    Manual telephone switchboards in movies or real life.
    A time without the internet.
    Black and white TV.
    A time when making movies was expensive.

  6. Payphones, dial-up internet, pennies, rabbit-ear antennas, aerial antennas, a free society without surveillance, no RFID chips, no National ID (which is fully realized already as a Social Security Number (which is shared/asked for by/with more than just you, your employer and the IRS already), the Constitution, oh, wait, Bush is gone. Nevermind.), LPs, cassettes & 8-tracks, VHS tapes, bellbottoms, Chia pets, pet rocks an how this world got so F***ed up!

  7. if you feel the need to tell someone that they should not put the ‘ in CDs then just get off the internet and look for a job

  8. I’m 24, have 2nd cousins that are 9 and 11, and thankfully know what “old” technologies are due to myself and their mother teaching them. Their grandparents are also in the engineering and IT fields so even us older ones are still shown what a punch card computer looks like. :P

  9. Regarding the English language: Most young people can’t even speak it properly, much less write it properly!

  10. TVs with only a dial to change the channel, radio stories that were only on at 7:06 exactly every Tuesday and Thursday and played only once in your lifetime

  11. I AGREE WITH “MOODY”! Haha. Also regarding Glenn’s Comment…I am a “Young Person” (in my late teens) and most people my age, or younger, speak just fine thank you very much. Also thank you for being very stereotypical

  12. Wow… well aren’t you mature?
    and who said I’m a punk ass teenager??
    Last time i checked, I never said that… So shut up

  13. In order to pluralize a common word (yes, even common abbreviations) you add an s or es to the end. Exceptions would be words such that pluralizing with s or es would result in a lack of clarity (OSes?)… in which case you do use the apostrophe. However, you use an apostrophe where clarity isn’t affected by leaving it out. Thus, you have a grammar error and must fix it immediately! (CD’s -> CDs)

  14. Hehe. I feel very proud that I’m a younger person and I know what all of these things are. I love my falco and Phantom Of The Opera casettes and my 1925 black and white restored version of Phantom Of The Opera on VHS!

    Lesse . . . Books. I mean, they ARE the interent for people who can follow a storyline. Unfortunatley, with Kindle and EBooks parading around the web, movable printed type will probably be a thing of the past at some point. ):

    I also love my grandparents old rotary phone, by the way.

    Writing’ll be obsolete at some point, I reckon — not spelling, but writing itself. It’ll be taken over by email and texting. :(

    Cheers, Mac.

  15. How about early computers that took up the size of a small house with way less capabilities than what we have now? How about computer punch cards for running programs?

  16. i hope papers will still exist (i study journalism) for the rest they will never understand the poor kids

    ps i’m only 21

  17. Just thought I’d like to say, what’s the point in bickering? Seriously? If you want someone to argue to, get a wife! :p See you all dudes and dudettes!

  18. Are you kidding me? No GOOD grammarian would argue that an apostrophe is appropriate to clarify a plural. An apostrophe is used solely to clarify ownership or to mark the omission of characters. As the term ‘CD’ means compact disc (thus no letters are missing), it is not appropriate to randomly stick an apostrophe in there. The CDs are also not owning anything. The solution would be to make the S a little smaller, and that’s all the clarification you need. For God’s sake, I’m seventeen and I know this.

  19. Everyone needs to read the book “Eats, Shoots & Leaves.” And for the sake of proper punctuation, pretend the book title is underlined instead of in quotes. Have a good day!

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