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    Ten East Read - the Sticky Comics Store

    Hi sticky people! Have you seen the new and improved Ten East Read store? If not, check it out!

    Ten East Read is the “official” and exclusive online store featuring sticky comics merchandise that I designed (and mostly made by hand) based on my original cartoon art. All our t-shirts and other textiles were screenprinted by me and a couple other friends. Our items are all limited edition so if you want any of of it you may want to order soon …

    The latest sticky comics item we added is Steampunk Mr. Peanut t-shirt, but the Happy As A Clam t-shirt and Jellyfish stuff are still available too. I also have still have some sticky comics stickers based on cartoons from the site. So if any of that stuff sounds cool, go check it out.

    And in case you were wondering, buying stuff and telling your friends is a pretty good way to help support my site and keep it going. Thanks guys :)

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