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  • home : New tote bags and stuff

    New tote bags and stuff

    Hi sticky pals! You might remember that I make my own screenprinted t-shirts and stuff with my buddies and we have an online store, Ten East Read. We added new tote bags a while ago and I forgot to post about it. So go get a nihilistic Happy As A Clam tote and an I Want To F. Scott Fitzgerald tote:

    happy as a clam tote bag f. scott fitzgerald tote bag

    We also made new t-shirts lately. I may not have posted about the Solstice is Wiccan Awesome or Mr. Peanut Was Steampunk (based on this comic) prints, and I forgot to tell you we put my jellyfish print on baby onesies. They’re so tiny! You’d have to be very small to wear one.

    Solstice Is Wiccan Awesome T-shirt sunset t=shirt
    jellyfish printed baby clothes (onesie)

    Anyway, go check out Ten East Read. You can also check out our etsy store or find our stuff at the Soundry boutique in Northern Virginia.

    online store online store


    1. Heather says:

      I’m gonna guess those man arms. I’m gonna guess Eric on the left and Jim on the right. DID I WIN?

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