The new sticky comics website

Hi sticky friends! Sticky Comics finally has a new website. Which is awesome, because I the old one really sucked. But it’s even more awesome, because now I won’t be fussing with the website and I can just make comics instead. Yay!

The new site has a new-ish FAQ page, some pretty fun archive pages, and a page about buying sticky comics stuff. Most importantly, the comics are a little better organized and hopefully you’ll be able to browse all the way through the archives without too much trouble now.

I kinda like the design, which is made from scanned Sharpie doodles on construction paper, but thank bejeebus I will be able to change this design much more easily than on the old site. So let me know what you think. I’m sure I’ll be tweaking it some more.

smiles & jabs,

UPDATE: OK, I think everything’s working now! Yay!

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  1. Message to all comics artists by EComSFO – European comic strip freedom organization:

    EComSFO declares new idea for comics:

    Comics can be continued and developed by
    many artists, so that when someone starts and draws something- next one can draw next picture- or also continue drawing earlier picture(s) started by earlier drawer.

    This EComSFO declares being their idea, unless no one else has laready declared this idea being their idea. If not, this idea could be called European Comic Freedom -principle.

    EComSFO- European comic strip freedom organization

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