New York Comic Con THIS WEEKEND! October 8-10

Hi sticky friends! I’m going to be exhibiting at the New York Comic Con this weekend! New York Comic Con is a ginormous mix of comics, anime, and pop culture awesomeness. Even Stan Lee is going to be there! Holy OMGs, right??? :)

New York Comic Con

I’ll be meeting cool people, telling folks about Sticky Comics, and selling t-shirts, prints, and other sticky comics merchandise. Please come find me at table 352 in the Small Press area and say hello! Here’s a map:

Map to sticky comics at the NYCC

(click to make it big)

I’m sharing a table with the awesome folks at The First Law of Mad Science, an awesome new indie graphic novel series! They are being featured in the Comic Con show exclusives and you’re really going to have to come see Mike Isenberg’s famous tattoo. (So if you look me up in the program, I’ll be found under The First Law of Mad Science.) This weekend is gonna be a lot of fun!

I’ll be at in the exhibitor space on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Here’s where you can buy advance tickets. See you there, buddies!