Hey sticky friends! Looking at my website, I realize that I’m overdue on a few things. Among them, I was going to write a post-followup followup since the last MoCCA post in April. This was going to include links to some other awesome artists I saw at MoCCA. But then I suddenly and unexpected moved to a new apartment and my mojo was disrupted. I’m settled again now so let me give you a very belated list of just some of the cool MoCCA people you should check out.

I can think of at least three people who I know I left off. Once I figure out the right names I’ll have to revise this list. Please email me or comment if you are one of those people. I know, it sucks that I can’t remember. But anyway … thanks for a great time, MoCCA!

One more thing! I also stopped by a convention in Baltimore called BaltiCon on Monday, and saw some really cool panels with Howard Tayler, the creator of Schlock Mercenary. He has been doing his sci-fi webcomic for ten years!! Mind blown. I also met Hugh Casey who has a very active sci-fi journal and J. Andrew World who is an illustrator with a great cartoon style. I was only there for a few hours, and I learned a bunch and met some very cool people. And I got the latest novel I’m reading which is pretty great. Thanks, BaltiCon!