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    Sex Ed

    I'm sorry if this comic offends anyone who believes that unicorns exist

    I live in America, where our tax money is still teaching kids that the only way to avoid STDs and unwanted pregnancy has something to do with no sex and fairy dust.

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    1. qwertz says:

      At least you’re not teached by priests and non-priests graduated from catholic universities. “Rebember kids, God don’t want you to have sex before marriage”.

    2. Blue says:

      If there’s one thing I learned from both Madeleine L’Engle and Sailor Moon, it’s that unicorns only hang out with abstinent teens. :)

    3. Sloshy says:

      …Is it somehow considered magic to not have sex when you know it could cause problems? How is that not being mature and informed? Even “Sex for Dummies” had this advice and it was a very secular book.

      • christiann says:

        Abstinence is not a problem at all, abstinence-only education is, where you teach kids that they should not have sex instead of teaching them about safe sex just in case. Abstinence is a fine idea. So are flying school buses. We had neither at the public schools I attended.

    4. Daniel15 says:

      US studies have shown that teen pregnancy rates are the highest in states where abstinence-only sex education is taught, and lowest in states where safe-sex education is taught. I can’t find the studies at the moment though D:

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