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    Handmade t-shirts and tote bags!

    Order t-shirts and tote bags that I screenprinted myself (with my twin sister) on the official sticky comics store, the Ten East Read website. We’re also selling sticky comics stickers and some other random stuff there. Go check it out.


    These stickers are UV coated for outdoor or indoor use. They are available from the Ten East Read website too.

    censorship pencil condom sticker
    Censorship Pencil sticker (2.75 inches x 4 inches) – $2.00

    rock paper scissors Olympics sticker
    Rock Paper Scissors sticker (4 inches x 3 inches) – $2.00

    Dangerous Greeting Cards

    I used to sell these valentines. Maybe I’ll make more greeting cards sometime! Check out what I’m selling now in the official sticky comics store at TenEastRead.com.

    Donate and get prints!

    If you’re into collecting art prints and originals, or you just want to support my site, send a donation! If you donate donate $20 or more I’ll send you a signed digital print and a sticky doodle with your name on it. Just let me know what print you want (or I can pick one myself and surprise you).

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