Syrup vs. Syrup

Mrs. Butterworth used to be Maple Syrup's groupie back in the day

I thought of this one while I bought some delicious honey from a Halloween pumpkin patch this weekend. I had an awesome time there and still have skid marks on my arms from hurling myself down the giant slide too many times.

This Friday-Sunday, I’ll be at the New York Comic Con! Come see me in New York! Stan Lee, Bruce Campbell, William Shatner, and Janet from Three’s Company are gonna be there. Pure awesome.

Update: Get prints of this on my GoComics page!

5 comments to “Syrup vs. Syrup”
  1. Christiann is was flipping awesome to meet you at Comicon. After having the break up with my girlfriend your ‘Aye Love’ drawing was exactly what I need to put a smile on my face. Thx. I’ll be checking out your site on a regular basis from now on. That and spreading the word of your most righteous humor.

    I wonder if Mrs. B has a knife tucked under her arm? Maybe brass knuckles.

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