Syrup vs. Syrup

Mrs. Butterworth used to be Maple Syrup's groupie back in the day

I thought of this one while I bought some delicious honey from a Halloween pumpkin patch this weekend. I had an awesome time there and still have skid marks on my arms from hurling myself down the giant slide too many times.

This Friday-Sunday, I’ll be at the New York Comic Con! Come see me in New York! Stan Lee, Bruce Campbell, William Shatner, and Janet from Three’s Company are gonna be there. Pure awesome.

  • zanychacha

    Very Cute!! Pass the has-beens, please. :)

  • Maple beard man has a killer beard!

  • Cute! :D
    I like the Mrs Butter Worth. XD

  • Christiann is was flipping awesome to meet you at Comicon. After having the break up with my girlfriend your ‘Aye Love’ drawing was exactly what I need to put a smile on my face. Thx. I’ll be checking out your site on a regular basis from now on. That and spreading the word of your most righteous humor.

    I wonder if Mrs. B has a knife tucked under her arm? Maybe brass knuckles.

  • This reminds me of your Halloween costume…