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  • home : Thug Life Puppy

    Thug Life Puppy

    thug life puppy

    Tonight I was messing around with watercolors with some co-conspirators so I made this thug life puppy. I also colored a VCRbot and other junk if you want it, after the jump.


    This is a greeting card for somebody special (it’s postcard-sized):

    And here is the sketch margin … just for “fun”?

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    1. sheribomb says:

      Great job! This scan really makes me appreciate the shading around the puppy.

      You never can trust those puppies when they start drinking out of the wrong neighbor’s water bowls. ;)

    2. Ken says:

      I like the portrait of Jim from the margin.

    3. Eric says:

      I think the robot and the puppy are in a gang together.

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