2 comments to “Tooth Fairy”
  1. A lack of belief in an afterlife does not cause no afterlife…my lack of belief in a lack of belief doesn’t mean, to atheists that I will go to heaven. To Richard Dawkins, I’ll still be rotting in a hole in the ground, to me, he still gets to face God and tell Him why he tried to destroy people’s faith.

  2. less qq, more pew pew, buddy.
    think about it, the gift of intelligence inhibits irrational beliefs. i think you drew the short straw as a sperm… one can only be praised for exercising our gift of intelligence. on the other hand, your blind faith (if you actually have it), had everyone had it, has the capacity at the extreme to kill off our species. but since you are not as devout as you say, you dont go to church every sunday, you blaspheme, you have sex out of wedlock, you only say you are religious to get that “holier than thou” high trying to steal someone else’s thunder… fuck off and get a better hobby “JIGGLY.”

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