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    Venn Doin’ It


    Update: Buy a print of this drawing!

    Hi sticky friends. Here are some more hearts for you! I will post several times this week. Hugs!!

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    1. jennifer says:

      This is Hilarious with a capital H.

    2. Hille says:

      Haha, reminds me of Fez in That 70s show.

    3. Laura says:

      This picture is often used by psychologists to depict a co-dependant relationship…obviously this pic was created by a clueless teenager. *rolls eyes*

    4. The Dark Comments Avenger says:

      The name ‘Laura’ is often used by psychologists to represent a honkin’ bitch. ‘Laura’ is obviously a clueless teenager. *rolls eyes*

    5. ksdfksd says:

      The name ‘Laura’ is often a syllable for ‘pretentious joykill’. *rolls eyes*

    6. The Dark Comments Avenger Sidekick says:

      This name ‘Laura’ is often used by psychologists to depict a retarded bitch…obviously this name was created by a clueless teenager. *rolls eyes*

    7. John says:

      Clearly Laura is an ageist (“clueless teenager”). Ageism is as wrong as racism. Do you hate black people too?

    8. timmy titpooper says:

      Laura has feces in her cunt


      Laura just got wrecked by 5 different dudes. lol. No pun intended i promise.

    10. Dan W says:

      Nice. Reminds me of this Sheldon comic: http://www.sheldoncomics.com/archive/090811.html

    11. Josh says:

      im really rather proud to be human for th way 5 or 6 different people just made rather funny comments none of which were th same, at th same person

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