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    This is vaguely what I look like. You should meet me sometime and gaze into my beady little black eyes.

    What is this?

    Sticky Comics is my (mostly) humorous bunch of random drawings, scrawlings, and comics. (If you Google “sticky comics”, you will find there’s an erotic comic series called “Sticky”, but unfortunately, that’s not my work.)

    Who makes this site?

    My name is Christiann MacAuley. I write and draw everything on this site. I have a pretty wide bunch of far flung interests and hobbies, from studying German and history to writing novels to technology to outdoorsy stuff and more. I live near Washington, DC and am an avid party animal when I’m not just alone being silly. Cartooning makes me laugh, which is one of my favorite things to do ever.

    How do you make your comics?

    Typically I draw on paper with a pencil, then ink with a pen, then scan the inked drawing. I often color the drawings in Photoshop, though sometimes they are instead colored by hand with colored pencil, watercolor, or marker. I’m a fan of choosing paper that is a little off color so I like drawing on unbleached hemp paper, colorful sticky notes, and especially Moleskin journals.

    How often do you update?

    I pretty much add comics when I can. Ideally this is 2-3 times a week. Sometimes I take a break. Subscribe to my RSS feed, sign up for email updates, be my friend on facebook, or follow me on twitter to get updates when I add new stuff.

    How can I contact you?

    Please contact me if you have questions, want to use my comics somewhere, or just want to say hello. Email stickycomics at stickycomics.com or use this form.

    Can we be electronic friends?

    I’m on twitter (@stickycomics), facebook, tumblr, and google+, and livejournal, so yeah, why not?

    Can I buy stuff, like t-shirts, with your comics on them?

    You sure can, and they are even screenprinted by hand by my twin sister and I for bonus indie cred. Check out our online store at TenEastRead.com for t-shirts, bags, hankies, stickers, and other fun stuff. You can also donate to sticky comics if you want to support my site but aren’t into buying things. I will even doodle you something and mail it to you if you donate more than $20. Here’s a donate button:

    Do you attend comic conventions or other events? Which ones?

    Yes! Here’s my schedule of past/upcoming appearances:



    Ten East Read appearances (fun times with me and my screenprinting collective)

    Please contact me if you want to invite me to another event, I will happily consider it.

    When are you going to publish a sticky comics book?

    I’m not sure when I’m going to put out a collection of the work on this website, but I plan to do it eventually. I am currently (August 2012) working on a book proposal for a humor book, which will include some of the material on this website and a lot of new stuff. Please email me if you’re in publishing or just want to talk about books!

    Can I hire you to create original cartoon art?

    Yes, probably! Please contact me and let’s get started.

    Can I have permission to use your comics?

    Please contact me to obtain permission to use my work in your newspaper, magazine, presentation, newsletter, etc. (I have original print resolution versions of all the artwork on my site that can be provided.) You’re welcome to embed my comics in your website, but please provide credit and link back to my website at http://www.stickycomics.com.

    Can I advertise on the sticky comics website?

    Yes. You can buy ad space on my website directly through Project Wonderful, or if you had something special in mind, just get in touch.

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