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Getting permission to use my work

I charge a fee for reprints and the use of my comics for business & professional use. When it comes to using my content for personal & educational use, a donation is suggested and appreciated. Fees are on a sliding scale. Please be generous according to your budget, since I’m a solo artist giving my work away on the internet for free. I really appreciate it!


  1. Use the information below to work out your licensing fee.
  2. Send a payment via Ko-Fi, PayPal, or Venmo
    – Enter the appropriate fee in the payment box
    – Tell me which comic you’re using in the payment message
    – And tell me where/how you’re using the artwork
  3. You will receive a confirmation as written permission to use my comic. Thank you!


Business/Professional Use: Based on your budget

  • One of my comics on your high-traffic social media, video, or business website: $30-50
  • One of my comics in your newsletter or business presentation: $15-45
  • One of my comics in your magazine, book, or product: Please contact me at or ‪1-202-573-9131.

Personal/Educational Use: Suggested donation

  • One of my comics on your personal brand social media or personal website: $5-20
  • One of my comics for student/educational use: $5-20

Feel free to contact me at with any questions or other licensing possibilities. Brands, I may be able to work with you on original comics, illustration, or animation. Hit me up! Thank you!

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