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Why donate? Well, this website is created by a solo artist/creator (that’s me, Christiann MacAuley) and published on the internet for free. It doesn’t make me a lot of money.

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Suggested donations for using my work on your website or social media: 

  • One of my comics on your personal brand social media or personal website: $5-20*
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Presentations, books, magazines, other permissions, and related questions, please contact me or email Andrews McMeel permissions.

If you’re donating just because you’re awesome — wow, you’re awesome! I will send a thank you card.

Thank you! You rock.

* Please note that while I generally charge for actual reprints, people share my digital content all the time. The suggested donations above apply to the latter — small brands and individuals.

** Also note that if you’re featuring a few of my comics on your site, that’s OK. But please don’t feature dozens of my comics — or all of them — without asking my permission, OK? 

… if you read all the way down to the bottom of this page, thanks again for being here!