“Frequently” Asked Questions

What is this? Who are you? 

These are comics and drawings I’ve been posting online since 2006. I’m Christiann MacAuley, a DC area native, mother of a small child, lover of tech and vintage automobiles, avid hiker and beach-goer, and owner of too many pairs of colorful sunglasses.

How do you make your comics?

Typically I draw on paper with a pencil, then ink with a pen, then scan the inked drawing. I often color the drawings in Photoshop on my Surface Pro computer, though sometimes I make my art digitally or entirely analog and color by hand. I particularly like drawing on unbleached hemp paper, colorful sticky notes, and Moleskin journals. Most recently I love Stillman & Birn Gamma Series art journals the best.

How can I contact you?

Please contact me by email or Facebook if you have questions, want to use my comics somewhere, or just want to say hello.

Also, I’m on twitter (@stickycomics), instagramfacebook, tumblr, pinterest, linkedingoogle+, ello… so yeah please add me and hit me up!

Can I buy stuff with your comics on them?

You sure can. Check out the stickycomics storefront on Society6. Also, every one of my comics on my GoComics page has a link to buy a print, and they are really beautiful! More about buying prints here. You can also donate to sticky comics if you want to support my site but aren’t into buying things.

Can I hire you to create original cartoon art?

Yes, probably! I can do topical commissions for publications, social media posts, products, and other stuff. Please contact me and let’s get started!

Can I have permission to use your comics?

You can contact me or email Andrews McMeel reprints about permissions for books, magazines, products, brands, etc.

For not-yet-famous individuals and small brands, please feel free to share my work on your social media or website. It’s cool, but please mention me and link back. Also, I’d love to have a small donation!

Do you attend comic conventions or other events? Which ones?

Yes! Here’s my schedule of past/upcoming appearances. If you’re interested having me attend an upcoming event, just contact me. I’d love to be invited!

Can I advertise on the sticky comics website?

Sure, maybe! Please contact me and I will consider your ad proposal — thank you!

When are you going to publish a sticky comics book?

I’m not sure when I’m going to put out a collection of the work on this website, but I plan to do it eventually. I am currently working on a book proposal for a humor book, which will include some of the material on this website and a lot of new stuff. Please email me if you’re in publishing or just want to talk about books!