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  • home : 2010 Hangovers

    2010 Hangovers

    2010 Hangovers: Here in DC, the Tea Party demonstrators gave us the enviable opportunity to complain about conservatives AND tourists at the same time

    I’ve made my share of hangover comics, so I thought I’d do a vaguely autobiographical hangover comic to celebrate the end of 2010. It was a loko year.

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    1. sheribomb says:

      Love this comic! Your apartment looks awesome, I totally want a ‘MERICA HOT DAMN t-shirt, and Four Loko panel is so perfect! Great stuff!!

    2. Jim says:

      First panel party! Highball of booze, a roach, and a bowl.

    3. zanysus says:

      I think we all should get a ‘MERICA HOT DAMN T-shirt!!
      And have a party – a Netflix marathon party!
      And drink Loko and Tea! :)
      Love this comic!

    4. Hugo Estrada says:

      This is pretty good :)

    5. Dan W says:

      Just read through the archives – love your comic!

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