• I could not love this more! Brilliant!

  • Make this a t-shirt stat! :)

  • Matt Larson

    Nice!!! All of your cartoons make me smile or laugh!!

  • qka

    If CTRL-S is Pride, is CTRL-Q Humility?

    (something of an old school geek joke there.)

  • Sbot

    Wouldn’t CTRL-S and CAPS LOCK’s sins be better switched?

  • Diane

    Brilliant! Absolutely hilarious.

  • Andrew Denny

    Not technically a SDS I know, but would Jealousy be Ctrl-X?

  • Thorbjørn

    How about the four cardinal virtues?

    Courage = Shift + delete
    Prudence = F3
    Justice = Alt + F4
    Temperance = Windows Logo + L

  • dwindle

    Ctrl+S’ed it. Might Ctrl+V it later.