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  • home : The Seven Deadly Keys

    The Seven Deadly Keys

    ... and let's not forget the F key

    I’m pretty sure I learned the Seven Deadly Sins from that Brad Pitt / Morgan Freeman movie. Thanks, Hollywood.

    UPDATE: Hey, you can get this on a t-shirt or tote bag now! :)

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    1. melissa says:

      I could not love this more! Brilliant!

    2. Kate says:

      Make this a t-shirt stat! :)

    3. Matt Larson says:

      Nice!!! All of your cartoons make me smile or laugh!!

    4. qka says:

      If CTRL-S is Pride, is CTRL-Q Humility?

      (something of an old school geek joke there.)

    5. Sbot says:

      Wouldn’t CTRL-S and CAPS LOCK’s sins be better switched?

    6. Diane says:

      Brilliant! Absolutely hilarious.

    7. Andrew Denny says:

      Not technically a SDS I know, but would Jealousy be Ctrl-X?

    8. Thorbjørn says:

      How about the four cardinal virtues?

      Courage = Shift + delete
      Prudence = F3
      Justice = Alt + F4
      Temperance = Windows Logo + L

    9. dwindle says:

      Ctrl+S’ed it. Might Ctrl+V it later.

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