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    a fair competition

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    1. danineteen says:

      But Scissors beat Paper! So Scissors should be first, Paper 2nd and Rock 3rd. :P

    2. sheribomb says:

      Love it! I guess whoever wins depends on the order they play. In the semi-finals, Scissors must have lost to Rock, while Paper beat Rock for the gold medal in the finals. ;)

    3. christiann says:

      They were evenly matched! I guess I choose this order because I’m fond of paper :)

    4. Mac says:

      Love it! Wins the Mac Cup for February.

    5. jaizen says:

      What about lizard and spock?

    6. I am all about paper. In fact, if your strategy is to always throw paper, there’s a name for that. It’s called THE DIPLOMAT in the R-P-S crowd. When I learned that man… I started always throwing the Diplomat.

      Or… do I?

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