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    Happy Clams

    happy clams

    Happy as a clam.

    Hey, I made a t-shirt and tote bag based on this comic! Check it out:

    happy as a clam tote bag

    You can buy it on our online store at TenEastRead.com if you want!

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    1. Blake says:

      that’s so punny.

    2. nobody says:

      this is hilarious! reminds me of “garfield without garfield.” although here the despair is a bit more overt.

    3. Hucklebuck says:

      you should be punished.

    4. ROPERTER says:

      All of our moms go to college

    5. deia says:

      :)) ha ha …funny one :)

    6. I never thought clams are this funny.

    7. mike says:


    8. mike says:

      i love how they look so miserable also.

    9. Nikki says:

      wow…i actually feel kind of bad. funny though

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