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  • home : Star Trek Shenanigans

    Star Trek Shenanigans

    Captain Kirk and Mr Spock Star Trek Comic

    Captain Kirk and Mister Spock: Who will remove the sewage from the Jefferies tube? Who will entertain the Sexlaxian Ambassador?

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    1. sheribomb says:

      Oh hey — did you notice the Jefferies tubes in the new Star Trek movie!? I totally didn’t know what they were called until you did this comic. Thanks for making me even more of a geek. ;)

    2. hilarious, per usual!

    3. Mac says:

      This one’s great except that you fucked up the punch line.
      I’ll give you some alternate ideas on the last two panels.

    4. Lorien says:

      Christian this was so funny I almost expelled my Jeffries tube…!

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