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    the new neighbor

    (tetris) someone crashed the block party

    I had an original Gameboy in all it’s sexy gray plastic goodness. I got to Tetris level 14 on it. w00t.

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    1. eilime says:

      cute =)

    2. Enrique says:


    3. Cory Osborn says:

      You’re simply killing it.

    4. n0b0d1 says:

      oh yeah? I got to level 20! :P

      Anyway, nice comic ^_^

    5. GG says:

      Ah, but you can put it over on the far right, and after knocking off the four bottom layers with a Tetris, you can use a red piece vertically to fill in the leftover gap. :)

    6. pyvlad says:

      Far left. NEVER give up a long hole. Long holes are wonderful. Annoying, but wonderful.

    7. Justin says:

      LINE PIECE!!!

    8. Blue says:

      the blocks always ruining it for everyone

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