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  • home : “So, where did you two meet?”

    "Where did you two meet?" is one of the top questions you get when you're half a couple. Easiest answer: "Prison."

    Well hello, I hope you enjoy more operating system humor …

    This weekend I’ll be at MoCCA in NYC! I hope you can make it, it will be good times.

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    1. Hugo Estrada says:

      I like the dress and haircut details of the three different groups. Nice touch :)

    2. Chris says:

      And the FreeBSD-users never meet anyone! :(

    3. a guy says:

      Github dating!

      PS: Where is the guy’s unix-beard?

    4. eleefece says:

      Hahaha, that was pretty nice.

      BTW. the linux girl is the cutest :D

    5. Hoya says:

      “So, where did you two meet?” “At the Homeless shelter.” (Korean programmers)

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