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  • home : Where do you get your ideas?

    Where do you get your ideas?

    Sorry, you can't have my magical idea chair, but if you ask nicely I might let you use it for a few minutes

    Here’s a little comic about ideas.

    Thanks to those of you who came and hung out at Intervention Con! That was fun!

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    1. Tovias says:

      It’s was great having the Young Punks Kicking It back together again. Next year maybe we’ll call it “Not as Young But Not Yet Old Punks Still Kicking It” panel.

      Nice to see a lot of us get our ideas from the same place.

    2. David Ano says:

      I thought you drew you comics on post-it notes and that is why it was called “sticky comics” … but apparent you draw on toilet paper? I don’t want to know why you call them sticky now. Maybe they should be stinky comics!

    3. Kevin Smith was talking about exactly this on WMMR (Philadelphia station) this morning.

    4. Rob says:

      A Dilbert cartoon made a sort-of similar point:


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