• Anth
  • cjmccub

    No it isn’t.

    • BoiWonder

      Yes it is shhh.

    • Jon
      • ZugZug

        skrillex is ok, some of it. keep in mind it is just crappy dub pack remixes and sounds really boring after a while. try some original stuff. look up dj l33ch on myspace, try smilodon on youtube.

  • derp

    I thought the onomatopoeia was “unce” or “un-tis”

  • I’m gonna just walk around saying this now all the time. And “sexery”. They’ll be my catch-phrases and I will be really popular because both are pretty great things to say.

  • Batcan

    I always thought it was “Uhn-ts uhn-ts”

  • Brian the Lion

    No, its means the guy in charge of music has awful taste.

  • Fucking Hipters

    Fucking Hipsters

  • Stepr

    Good call on the Emalkay… Skrillex can suck it with his trancestep.

  • Baron

    Fuck everybody who made this music possible

  • Unce

    It’s “unce.”

  • Un-tis? Lol. I agree Skrillex can suck it with the trancestep. But who could honestly think that Dubstep, Monstercat and Skrillex possibly sound like rocks in a blender???