ConnectiCon next weekend! Also a podcast!

Hi buddies! This has been a pretty crazy week for sticky comics. I guess some people really like my self-loathing Mac user comics. You know who you are. I was all over the internet and got fireballed for the first time evar, which means my site crashed, but for a cool reason.

Guess what? I’m going to be in New England next weekend at ConnectiCon in Hartford, CT! I hope some of you can come see me. I guess I’ll be speaking on a panel or two, selling t-shirts, stickers, and other sticky comics stuff at a table in the Artists Alley, and helping raise some cash for needy children in the webcomics auction. Please come see me there. ConnectiCon is a crazy good time.

ConnectiCon 2001

Also, I was recently a guest on the super fun Geektress podcast with Brenda (Geektress host) and Luke Foster of the scifi/humor webcomic Moon Freight 3. I haven’t actually listened to it but if I remember correctly we talked about webcomics, Smallville, and many other things whilst I drank a cold beer. It was fun. Listen here!

And in other news on the horizon, the DC area internet culture convention, Intervention, is coming up in September! I’ll be a guest there and hope you can make it! You can pre-register here for good times.

See you soon!