Things our grandkids will never understand

things our grandkids will never understand

Not that I have grandkids or anything :)

UPDATE: Part II: More things our grandkids will never understand

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18 comments to “Things our grandkids will never understand”
  1. Going to the store to buy a CD of music. Renting movies. Being upset about missing a TV show episode (like in the days before torrents and PVRs). ^_^

  2. they wont know CDs either i already have young family members asking if the can play my big cds referring to lps

  3. analogue clocks will stay.. they reflect how time flows and let your mind imagine ‘in two hours time’

  4. @Tim and Oliver: I hope analog clocks stick around, but I wonder if our hypothetical grandkids will know how to read them. I have friends who can hardly read them now.

  5. I’m only in my late teens and people my age already forgot what VCRs are! I remember when video stores only carried VHS tapes. Now it is all DVDs! wow.

  6. Hmm, Well, I’m only 30, raising two kids with my husband. We have analog clocks all over the house and teach them how to tell time with them. We teach our kids cursive handwriting, we have a VCR and VHS tapes still and we get the daily paper…

  7. How about the card catalogue in libraries? ‘Member those? They taught us how to use them in “library class” at school!

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