17 comments to “How to spot an ATHEIST”
  1. This is totally unfair and completely ludicrous. As an atheist I’m offended. I wear tight pants to make others feel inadequate, I take them OFF to attract other heathens for casual homosexual sex. GET YOUR DAMN FACTS STRAIGHT!!

  2. i dont like this one at all :( the others are funny but this ones not, and being a gay atheist i take a tad bit of offence.. dw tho, the others are good.

  3. People are flaming this drawing too much. As an atheist, I’d say this is a pretty accurate depiction of how most people view atheists. Also I chuckled a bit, keep up the good work :]

  4. some of the people who left comments here may have gone a bit far. while i can see why people would be offended by this i’m pretty sure the person who created this meant this as a joke, it may not even reflect their opinions. i’m a lesbian and an atheist but i can still see the funny side of this.

  5. I find this drawing really fun, and for everyone who think isn’t a satyrical analyse of the vision of atheist by the very straight believer but an insult, open your f*cking mind

  6. I want to have sadistic gay sex with this cartoon… and I want her to call me Heysoos on a bed that mysteriously looks like what everyone will see when they think of heaven. cheers.

  7. Epic Fail!
    I’m sick of all people who are dumb enough to think that Atheists are Satanic. Shame on you.

  8. I don’t see the trouble everyone is having with this. It’s a joke. Get over it. If it’s not true then why does it bother you so much? Jesus. (pardon the pun)

  9. Everyone who’s offended: He was mocking the believers for their lumped-together idea of atheism. Not the atheists. Or the gays. Or the tight pants. (Well, maybe the tight pants.)

    So get over it, it’s funny.

  10. Ok, this comic actually makes me mad. As a Christian, I feel like this picture is making fun of me for being an idiot who hates atheists and gays. I’m not! I get that a lot of Christians, mainly evangelists, offend people by saying this kind of crap, but the rest of us don’t share their opinions, or even condone them. Just because you feel offended doesn’t give you the right to categorize all Christians as hateful morons who spew out slander. Please stop making fun of the faith and Jesus Himself. We’re really not all as bad as this comic paints us out to be. Make fun of haters all you want, but don’t make a comment like “Jesus’s power”, its just as bad as when other people make fun of your beliefs.

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