• FishPotato

    u r stupid where blog are?

  • FishPotato

    *I r stupid

  • Enebreus

    I’m guessing no one will read your tombstone either?

    • http://www.stickycomics.com christiann

      Nah I’m just gonna get a YouTomb

      • toodle pip

        like 1

  • http://www.fooleryland.com foolery

    Well, *I* read it! : )

  • http://www.thesudhir.wordpress.com Sudhir Krishnan

    I will read you handwriting,your face and your palm

  • http://losttoy.livejournal.com David “Losttoy” Ano

    Back in 2000 … I had a geocities site and I posted on electronic bulletin boards systems that i would dial-up to.

  • http://jahhdog.com/ jahhdog

    I can’t read all blogs, all the time but I do like this comic!