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  • home : Nobody reads my blog

    Nobody reads my blog


    Not my first comic about how nobody in The Future is reading my blog.

    (Merch update: We are shipping the Kindle t-shirts now and reprinting handstand undies. Yay!)

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    1. FishPotato says:

      u r stupid where blog are?

    2. FishPotato says:

      *I r stupid

    3. Enebreus says:

      I’m guessing no one will read your tombstone either?

    4. foolery says:

      Well, *I* read it! : )

    5. I will read you handwriting,your face and your palm

    6. Back in 2000 … I had a geocities site and I posted on electronic bulletin boards systems that i would dial-up to.

    7. jahhdog says:

      I can’t read all blogs, all the time but I do like this comic!


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