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    The Drink

    F. Scott Fitzgerald knew how to treat a drink

    Here’s one of my favorite F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes, illustrated. Those of you who’ve seen the shirts I screenprint with Ten East Read know we are huge F. Scott Fitzgerald fans.

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    1. Larry Paquette says:

      Love it. Funny but also makes so much sense, especially to a someone who has been sober for almost 16 years now. Great comic. Its a keeper for me.

    2. Ha, ha, ha, this is how my stepdad always described drinking for him. The first drink is no problem, but at the end of the 2nd drink, there’s a problem. And the problem keeps going.

    3. Love me some F. Scott Fitzgerald.

    4. Emily Brewster says:

      love this quote! i recently did a design project illustrating it so this is cool timing :)

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